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    Nursing is a dynamic profession in an environment of constant change is no news to nurses. The profession protect, promote, and optimize health and abilities, prevent illness and injury, alleviate suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocate care for individuals, families, communities, and populations.

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    If you're a nurse, this is your union. Join MNA or Renew your membership; and GET CONNECTED. Becoming a member of MNA demonstrates your commitment to professional excellence in nursing. You can be a powerful voice that speaks for nursing and professional practice environment. You can drive the progress you want to see both for nursing and within your own career specialization.

  • If you have a question about MNA HUSM Branch or would like to know more about MNA, please contact:

    MNA HUSM Branch
    Health Campus
    Universiti Sains Malaysia
    16150 Kelantan
    [Att: Dr. Soon Lean Keng]




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Mesyuarat Pertama MNA-HUSM

Semua AJK sesi 2012 telah mengadakan mesyuarat kali pertama pada 7 Februari 2012 bertempat di Bilik Mesyuarat, Unit Kejururawatan untuk merancang program. Aktiviti yang pertama dijalankan oleh AJK ini adalah Bengkel Pengenalan Penyelidikan Dalam Bidang Kejurururawatan.
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Bengkel Pengenalan Penyelidikan Dalam Bidang Kejurururawatan

Taklimat oleh Puan Ng Kam Mey.